Falls Creek: Something greater than all of us

Now open to the public, the Falls Creek Project provides access to over 26,000 acres of National Forest. Words, images, things, places and people all mean something different to each of us. When you hear “Montana,” what does that invoke in YOU? Sunsets that take your breath away, fading behind the mountains after a long … Continue reading “Falls Creek: Something greater than all of us”

Augusta flood solutions are complicated

Staring at the grizzly tracks on Elk Creek Road, Lewis and Clark County staff assessed the damage caused by the Memorial Day 2019 flooding in and around Augusta. No longer in its historical channel, Elk Creek now runs down Elk Creek Road and down the west side of Elk Creek bridge #5 just past the … Continue reading “Augusta flood solutions are complicated”

We want you to know what we’re doing!

Lewis and Clark County seeks to maintain a culture of transparency and communication amongst its staff and elected officials to the public. We want our residents to know what is going on and what we are doing. We want involvement and feedback because it matters. There are many tools in the “communications toolbox” and this … Continue reading “We want you to know what we’re doing!”

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